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Gaulish Reconstructionist Forum

Forum de la reconstructionisme gaulois

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Disclaimer: This is a forum for the discussion of Gaulish Polytheist Reconstructionism. All faiths are welcome but we ask that discussion is kept strictly Gaulish. (Are you in the wrong place?)

Les francophones sont bienvenus,
or anglais est notre langue favourisée à ce temps.

gaulish_recon was created to give Gaulish Polytheistst Reconstructionists, and those of similar faiths, a place to discuss Gaulish language, archaeology, and Classical writings on Gaul, without the interruption of insular Celtic phenomena. It is also a place to share ideas and help each other with reconstructive mythology, ritual systems, cosmology et.c.

Membership is no longer moderated, but may become so again if there is any trouble with this unmoderated membership. We do not demand that you be of legal majority age, but we do demand maturity.

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